Blind Spot Leadership

All Leaders have Blind Spots!  Learning to detect and avoid problems caused by leadership blind spots is every leader’s responsibility.

The Growing Value of Transparency

One of the things I value highly in leadership is transparency. I love the definition of the figurative meaning of transparency: a state in which things are free from any attempt to hide something. Living in a state or condition where things are free...

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Creating a Working Atmosphere

Sometime this last week the Lobster from the Little Mermaid started saying "First you have to set the mood" in my head.  It was probably a direct result of spending a week with 8-10 year old kids at a camp I co-led.  But this advice from Sebastian (the lobster) is...

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How to NOT take Vacation

I don't do vacation well.  This is unfortunate, because I want to do vacation well.  It would be great to be one of those guys sitting on the beach with a book (or Kindle) in hand.  I love going to a museum and spending hours surrounded by beauty.  Sitting in a Café...

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Treasure Hunting

My morning ritual starts with a bowl of Musli, a cup of coffee, and bro.  wsing several news sites.  This morning I came across this story:  Missing treasure hunter's remains found in New Mexico.  In short, an author and art dealer named Forrest Fenn hid $2 million...

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Pleasing Everyone All of the Time

I remember the first time I read through Aesop's Fables. The talking animals and the simple life lessons fascinated me. As an adult, I continue to enjoy many of these short little stories with a meaning and a moral.  Many of the lessons are more poignant now that I...

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The Window and the Mirror

Last week about arrogance versus confidence.  After having been accused of being arrogant, I had to start to to develop a leadership approach that I felt was more in line with how I wanted to lead and have my leadership perceived.  I began reading books about...

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